Shinih is committed to R&D to further refine our technology. We have already achieved a great deal in acquiring patents and cooperative agreements, and we will continue to do so in this ever-changing global market.

Strategic Alliance

Shinih has a long standing relationship with Invista® that have grown from licensed production to strategic cooperation.Invista® offer unmatched global perspective in production and technology which we can reflect on to minimize our risks and maximize our business opportunities.

Research & Development

Shinih is diversifying our market in response to changing trends among consumers and the industries. We offer products which meet demands for environmental awareness, health and special functions.

A Growing Sales and Service Network

Shinih's international sales network provides efficient ONE STOP SHOP service for our customers. We will continue to expand on our geographic locations, and strive to increase the quality of our customer services.


We are constantly increasing our product types, providing a more convenient buying experience for our clients; besides our apparel and furniture products we are stepping into acoustic insulation, filtration, construction materials, and many other products.

Product Speciality

Shinih produces highly demanded value-added products that international brands look for.
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