Tyvek high strength non-woven cloth, is made by the high density polyethylene fiber.
  • Snow white lightproof.
  • The porous matter, the permeability is good. 。
  • Neutrality non-toxic.
  • The cut size stability and easy to process.
  • Does not reflex to the majority of acid, the alkali.
  • Able to fold, allowed surpasses twenty thousand times of repeatedly fold and twist.
  • The environmental protection material quality, after completely burns, only produces the carbon dioxide and the steam.
  • Diameter between 0.5~1.0 micorn.
  • Does not contain any adhesive, the auxiliaries or pigment.
  • The low temperature reaches around -73C also can maintain its softness.
  • When Temperature reaches around 118C Tyvek starts to shrink, when reaches around135C it starts to melt.
  • Light Weight: Is equal to the same thickness of 1/2 paper weight.
  • The good liquid cut off performance: (102-127cm static water pressure).
  • Excellent shielding material, can effectively prevent the cold wind and increase the feather clothing function.

made with DuPont™ Tyvek® Fiber
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