Electrical material
  • Mainly uses for the industry power supply system, like the electric cable, the optical cable packing sheet, the electrical machinery winding bind the printed wiring board and the magnetic shade material which with the lining material, the lead-acid battery partition board as well as the electronic profession uses and so on.
The agriculture covers Fabric
  • Non-woven fabric cloth provides heat preservation, the ventilation diaphanous characteristic, and prevents seedbed from water drop damages, it promotes gardening vegetables and increases production.
Building Construction Fabric
  • Mainly used in the construction of road, railroad, water conservation, trash buries, airport, bridge, harbor, tunnel, forestry, in the project the enhancement reinforcement, the isolation lamination, filters, draining water, the stability of protective function.
Floor Fabric
  • The polyester non-woven floor fabric, has the outstanding heat preservation, and sound insulation .
  • Medical products : The disposable mask, hat, the surgery clothes, shoes cover, clothing protector, the pillowcase, the bed sheet and so on;
  • Daily usage product : suit cover, coat cover, the shopping bag, apron, short, sauna clothing, cosmetology clothing and so on;
  • Dye printing non-woven fabric product : Dye printing non-woven fabric and other manufacture product.
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